Choose from our bronze or clear solution, customized to your body and skin tone.

The bronze solution appears immediately and continues to get darker over a period of 12 hours, while the clear is applied without any color and develops fully over the 12-hour period.

Demand the Best, GO DOLCE!

1 Singles Custom Spray Tan $50

Choose from our bronze or clear all natural, anti-aging sunless tanner made with antioxidants and pure botanicals, leaving the skin radiant with a natural-looking golden brow glow customized to your body and skin type.  

2 Custom Spray Tans $90

Save on your custom spray tan, promising beauty and perfection at a discounted price. Perfect for pairs! $10 Off!  

3 Custom Spray Tans $125

For the tanner committed to beauty and elegance, while looking to keeps costs at a minimum. Savings of $25!
Perfect for larger groups or parties!

“Bella Donna” $65

Experience a single spray tan with with our premium bronze solution customized to your body, and also a shimmer treatment with an exclusive blend of shimmering radiance infused with skin softeners.  

“Forever Young” $65

Combine a single spray tan with our special skin rejuvenating treatment made with exotic plant extracts, antioxidants and botanicals.  

“Dolce Dew” $65

Experience a custom single custom spray tan while hydrating your skin. A fine blend of exotic elements hydrates your skin and body. This package enables the sunless tanning solution to penetrate uniformly into the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting, more even sunless tan.
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